1. What are recommended tips on how to take a profile photo for a silhouette portrait?

    First, know the objective is to capture a 100% side view of the subject's head, hair, neck, shoulders and upper torso in a sitting position. Candid shots are a last resort. A planned sitting is needed in most instances. If the child or pet is wiggly, another adult may be necessary to hold the subject, and have them both face the same direction, looking forward as you sneak up from the side, eye level, to take a profile photo!! No big grins, or teeth showing, no looking up or down, and please have hair styled as desired for depiction. Dressing up is optional as Blane incorporates clothing that is suitable for the overall composition and subject matter; however, suggestions are welcome (i.e., peter pan collar, puffy sleeve, john johns, sailor collar).

  2. How do I submit profile photos?

    In the order form itself, there is a place to upload profile photos. as well as an email address to choose instead, if needing to send to Blane later, with comments or questions.

  3. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

    Yes! The best way to insure satisfaction is before shipping, pick up or delivery! Blane will send the silhouette image to your email for approval, or suggested edits.

  4. Do you sell gift certificates?

    Yes! Gift certificates may reflect any given special occasion, and are customized to include the subject names, and the recipient's and giver's names, as well as any comments. This is a PDF that can be sent for you to print and insert in a festive holiday card. The cost varies depending on how many subjects are to be drawn/given.