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Submitting an order form puts you in touch with the Artist and places your order next in line.
Blane will respond within 24 hours to confirm your order and ask any questions she may have. You may upload profile photos within the Order Form OR, you may send them soon thereafter to her email address.
Blane will confirm receipt of your photos and confirm your order with an invoice reflecting your order within the email response.
She will include payment and delivery or local pick-up locations as options to avoid the S&H fee and wait time.

Once payment is received, your order will be completed within 7 – 10 business days. Rush orders are welcomed, but terms may apply. As a “Satisfaction Guarantee,”
Blane will send a photo image for you to proof! While most are elated at first glance, there are occasions when a customer wishes to make a request for modification(s), in which case,
Blane will address to correct to your satisfaction! PDF Personalized Gift Certificates may be ordered and received typically within hours to your email for a last-minute gift solution!
If interested in attending an upcoming event, or if you have any questions regarding in-person sittings, please contact Blane @ [email protected]


5" x 7" $47.50

Duplicates (hand-cut to match the original)
5” x 7” are 30% less than the original at $33.25 each
(Great gift idea for grandparents!)

Duplicates of multiple subjects
(i.e., siblings, grandchildren)
(May be mounted separately or jointly onto a larger background -
two on an 8" x 10" whether or three to five subjects onto an 11" x 14")

(Hand-created referencing the purchased and approved 5” x 7” silhouette image)
8" x 10" - $67
11" x 14" - $97

Custom Orders
Silhouettes may be done in reverse (white on black), in colors or patterns of your choosing, and can be in sizes 8” x 10” or 11” x 14”.
Silhouettes may depict partial to full-body figures from photographs provided. A quote will be available upon request.

Payment is not due until after your order has been received. You will be invoiced following your order confirmation.